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A platform for Europe’s business leaders to create a better world.

Our programs are designed for business leaders of today and tomorrow, inspiring current executives and developing new talents.
We combine the best of existing and future approaches. Our focus is on helping you become a leader of change and to create a better business.

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European Business Academy offers a range of leading educational programs in collaboration with IMD & top professors. At European Business Forum you get the opportunity to meet, network and learn from leading companies, experts & professors.

Education in collaboration with the best

From highly qualified business profiles

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  • We collaborate with IMD & IE Business School to create the best educational programs, that can take you to the next level in your career. 
  • In our education programs you get a combination of the most important theories with the best new concepts and practical applications – what you need to know in the world of today.

  • We collaborate with some of the best professors in the world from leading business schools, and you get a chance to meet them when you sign up for our education programs

The Business Conference

Get inspired and make business for a better world.

Here’s why you should attend ↓

1. Explore the best approaches to business – future trends, strategy development, innovation and management.

2. You will learn from some of the world’s best business professors, experts and innovative companies.

3. You get new inspiration and insights, models and techniques – when and how to use them for practical and profitable action in your company.

4. You get the opportunity to expand your network and discuss solutions with new people.

5. We deliver everything in a fast and efficient combination of physical and virtual formats – this way you get the most out of your time and investment.

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