IE Business School


IE Business School is a top-ranked business school based in Madrid, Spain. IE Business School was founded in 1973 by entrepreneurs, for entrepreneurs, under the name Instituto de Empresa and have since 2009 been a part of IE University. Since it’s creation, IE Business School has been a pioneering force in innovation and entreprenuership, having existed for more than 45 years, they are an intrinsically innovative institution with a spirit of entrepreneurship that keeps us at the forefront of world-class business education. IE Business School makes things happen. From bachelors to doctorates, our programs draw on market trends to provide fresh out-of-the-box education using innovative methodologies.

IE Business School commitment to excellence, innovation and entreprenuership is reflected in top rankings from Financial Times and other influential business publications. Especially their MBA programs have been praised by multiple including Financial Times, Forbes, The Economist and QS.

#1 worldwide Global Online MBA for five years in a row, 2017-2021 by QS.

#2 worldwide Global Online MBA in 2020-2021 by Financial Times.

#1 Europe & #3 worldwide Executive MBA in 2020 by The Economist.

#5 worldwide Master in Management in 2021 by QS.

#6 worldwide International MBA program in 2019 by Forbes.

How IE delivers results

Led by an expert and diverse faculty with one of the highest percentage in international faculty, IE strives to be the benchmark business school
for entrepreneurs and trusted learning partner of choice for ambitious individuals worldwide. 
At IE Business School, the values come from a belief that the use of innovation and technology can break down boundaries, benefiting people all over the world.
IE Business School combines four values they believe will create better business, better learning and a better future. 
Technological Immersion and a Culture of Innovation

IE is committed to the holistic integration of technology in education and business, shaping and empowering leaders who are ready to face the challenges of the digital world. IE is a pioneer in maximizing the potential of technology for the learning experience, using state-of-the-art technology and teaching methodologies. We empower leaders to take up the challenges of innovation and digital transformation, creating new technologies and business models along the way.

“Technology is not a challenge but a competitive advantage.”

Entrepreneurial Mindset

IE promotes the development of an entrepreneurial ecosystem, boosts intrapreneurship and supports its students and graduates in the creation and development of startups around the world. We believe entrepreneurship is not just something you learn, it is something you live. Entrepreneurship is not only about creating new business models, it’s about facing new challenges and creating new realities.

To be an entrepreneur is to take advantage of opportunities, learn from mistakes, and turn your vision into new projects that impact the world.

Diverse Nationalities, Cultures and Ideas

IE promotes diversity to ensure a unique experience, enriched by the contributions of students from around the world. Freedom and respect for diversity are intrinsic to our identity. At IE, students are free to express themselves and be true to their own unique identities. Our commitment to diversity has allowed us to attract students, graduates, and academics from more than 160 countries, creating an ecosystem rich in different visions and ideas. We believe that it is these differences that make us rethink reality and grow.

However, we know that diversity is not just international multiculturalism—it is about different experiences, expectations and ways of thinking, all in one. 

Humanities to understand the World

IE values the humanities as a key element in understanding the reality of the world we live in through a global vision and critical thinking. We believe that professional growth can only be achieved hand-in-hand with personal growth. Studying the humanities allows us to challenge established concepts and rethink reality, exposing us to new opportunities and better solutions. The Humanities are an essential part of the development of IE students’ full potential.

“It opens us up to new ideas, especially different cultures and languages.”  

Global Online MBA

IE’s top-ranked MBA to empower global leaders in their journey through transformation and disruption. The Global Online MBA consistently tops the most prestigious rankings, and for good reasons: its specialized approach has been designed to help you begin a new chapter in both your professional and personal life by developing two complementary dimensions of your mindset.  

Duration: 17, 24 or 30 months. Starting in September & February.

Location: Online & Madrid or 100% Online

Mode of study: Part-time

Price: 51.200 €

Digital Strategies for Business

A traditional approach to business is now redundant. Customer needs have evolved thanks to the digital revolution, and businesses must adapt. During this program, you will analyze digital disruption’s impact through a business lens while gaining insights into how companies capitalize on technology.

Date & Duration: 5 weeks – Next: Jun 8th – Jul 15th 2022

Location: Online.

Schedule: 8 hours of study per week.

Price: 1.950 €

Innovation for Growth

Innovation for Growth explores a framework for making strategic planning more robust amidst an increasingly changing and volatile business environment. As you progress through the course, you will gain insight into the various degrees of leadership that allow innovation to be harnessed and nurtured in organizations. This course will challenge your own understanding of the role innovation plays in a company’s growth strategy.

Date & Duration: 5 weeks – Next: Mar 2nd – Apr 8th 2022

Location: Online.

Schedule: 8 hours of study per week.

Price: 1.950 €