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“A platform for Europe’s business leaders to create a better world.”

European Business Forum inspires Europe’s business leaders to connect, learn, grow and create a better world.

We need a new approach to business, to embrace change, to drive progress, and create positive impact. We all need to think and act differently.

Have you the courage to create a better future for you and your business? To align purpose and profits? To embrace innovation and change? To energise people and engage partners? To deliver more social and environmental impact too?

Business needs to work in new ways. We need to embrace the social and environmental challenges, with the opportunities of new technologies and diverse humanity, to create a better world. Business can be a force for good, and a platform for change.

European Business Forum collaborates with IMD.



The European Business Forum 2021








It is vital and clear to almost all European business leaders that we have to focus on business for a better world, purpose-driven strategy, and climate change.

Not only the younger generation wants a change, but the population as a whole. Now in 2021, Tesla is worth more than Daimler, BWM, VW, or Toyota, mainly because Tesla has the technology for the future. Green technology companies working in the wind and solar business are priced and valued very high. We provide the inspiration and knowledge to you. Watch the video with Peter Fisk from the last year to get inspired.

Speaker Lineup

Meet and learn from the experts on 30. September 2021 in Denmark.
We’re in the proces of finding the best minds for the event. The full lineup will be published later. 

Ida Bratting Kongsted

Ida Bratting Kongsted, the CEO of Danish Management Society (VL).

Ida has great experience in executive management, currently working as a the CEO of Danish Management Society (VL). The mission of VL is to contribute to the success of society by fostering and encouraging knowledge and understanding of modern leadership.

Peter Fisk

Peter Fisk, IE Business School.

Peter´s visions and knowledge inspire companies to have the courage to create a better future, which can occur in many different forms.



The next great mind


Comming soon!

What do you get?

  • Explore the best approaches to business – exploring the future, developing strategy, enlightened innovation, and better leadership.
  • Learn from the world’s best educators, professors from around the world – and from the world’s most innovative companies right now.
  • Apply the new ideas and insights, models, and techniques – when and how to use them for practical and profitable action.

How is this different?

  • We bring together leading faculty from the world’s top business schools – IMD, Harvard, INSEAD – the best ideas and educators all together in one place.
  • We combine the essential theories with the best new concepts, and practical applications – what you need to know for today’s world.
  • We deliver it in a fast and efficient combination of physical and virtual formats – making the most of your time and investment.

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