Executive Board Program

Price: 40.000 DKK + moms / 5.400 EUR + VAT

The work as a board member has changed in character. It is no longer enough to show up and control the day-to-day management.

A value-creating board member must be able to discuss and sparre with the day-to-day executives and preferably be one step ahead strategically. 

There is a need for board members who have an international view and perspective while focusing on local legislation and context.

About the Executive Board Program

The Executive Board Program provides skills to be a board member and chairman of Danish and internationally oriented companies.  
The board education from EBA & IE business school differs by providing the participants with tools to be able to discuss the day-to-day management at a high international level while control, finances and governance are in place. A board education from one of the world’s leading business schools is a strong card in the board career. We have a collaboration with IE business school, where we have hand-picked the teachers from IE business school and put together a program in collaboration with IE. The Danish module is facilitated with leading Danish consulting firms and lawyers. 

With the board education from the European Business Academy you get:

  • Education and certificate from one of Europe’s leading business schools.


  • Skills to act as board member / chairman in Danish and internationally oriented companies.


  • Teaching from leading business professor and specialists from leading lawyer and consulting agencies.


  • The opportunity to create a stronger professional network.


  • An exciting experience abroad in one of Europe’s most exciting cities – Madrid.

Module 1: Boards and Compliance

In collaboration with PwC and Kr.

Module 2: Boards and Executives

In collaboration with Korn Ferry, IE Business School and PwC. 

Module 3: Boards and Futures

In collaboration with IE Business School, Professor Peter Fisk and Chris Rangen.

What do you get?

3 Modules

The program consists of 3 lessons focused on bringing you the most updated knowledge and tools within: compliance, management and future trends. 


Each module consists of two days

Materials and Faculty

All materials are provided by us and you get to keep them when the program is done. You get acces to our fantastic and top class faculty, with professors and experts from leading positions.

Travel and experience

Experience Copenhagen and Madrid, where the program will finish with a graduation dinner in Madrid. 

Get a diploma

At the end of the program, you will receive a complete diploma from the European Business Academy, PwC & IE Business School .


Duration of the program is 6 days.

Questions about the EBP?

Bjarke Wolmar

CEO ⋅ European Business Forum


+45 2944 8616