European Business Consulting

European Business Forum is a platform to help leaders develop better strategic approaches and implement them effectively.

We go beyond the inspirational keynote speeches, a build on the practical education and development, to help you rethink your business, and deliver results.


We bring you together with experienced business coaches, to support you personally in thinking through challenges, and seizing new opportunities. Coaching can be physical or online and can take two forms:

• Personal coach – addressing your own needs
• Strategic coach – addressing your business needs


We also bring together expert strategic advisors, who can help address significant business challenges – from strategy to innovation, culture, and transformation. Our approach is highly collaborative, working with your teams, in areas including:

• Strategy development
• Innovation projects
• People and HR
• Culture change
• Process improvement
• New business models
• Sales and marketing
• Digital transformation
• Business venturing
• Project management

We have a broad range of partners. Also, see our portfolio of global experts.

For more information, please contact CEO Bjarke Wolmar on +45 29 44 86 16 or on email

We help you…
• make sense of change
• find the best opportunities
• focus on making an impact fast
• to see things differently
• to think different things by combining smart analytics with creative thinking, big ideas, and practical action.

Our approach
The consulting is fast, facilitated, and focused to build momentum. It focuses on being creative, commercial, and collaborative to engage decision-makers and teams.
We harness the energy and expertise of your own people, adding new insights and disciplined processes, to make sense of complexity. It can be defined by the right question and rapidly develop a range of creative possibilities. We focus on evaluating and executing the right solution. This builds engagement, momentum, and delivers results.

Our consulting strategy
Typical services range from future strategy to horizon planning, helping you to make sense of change, and be fit for the future. Once focused on the right strategy, it brings together customer insights and brand developments, and flows through to value propositions and customer experiences.
This is all done in a way that combines “future back” thinking to ensure it moves towards the goal, and “outside in” inspired by customers. It can be done largely intuitively using insights and imaginations, common senses, and experiences. Or it can be driven by detailed analysis, from segment targeting to portfolio optimization and focus on the right value drivers, and optimise value creation.