Post-pandemic consumers

As the world begins a slow recovery from the worst of the pandemic, it is clear that lockdown has had a profound impact on how we live. The fear of contagion, the experience of isolation, and the economic uncertainty that continues, are changing consumer behaviours for good. As new synaptic pathways take shape in our brains, new habits typically form […]

Avon goes digital

I first met Avon’s new CEO, Angela Cretu, during a customer-centricity masterclass I was delivering in Budapest a decade ago. As we talked about the primacy of the consumer, and how to create better propositions for them, she was adamant that in her business it was the network of self-employed sales representatives who were most […]


“The future of work” has become a hot topic in recent months – the end of the office, the shift to distributed working, careers to contracts, functions to projects, jobs displaced by machines. Yet the real challenge is not people, but the organisation structures that still limit them. “In a world of unrelenting change and […]

Imagination Sundial

A unique pause in our careers, a message from the future, a once in a lifetime opportunity. The disruption of today’s global pandemic, may well become a turning point in how we lead our organisations, and live our lives. Rob Shorter’s “Imagination Sundial” has emerged in recent weeks as a new design tool to help […]

SDGs and Cemex

The United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) create a structured framework for developing better business strategies and transforming markets. Achieving the 17 goals, agreed by all member states in 2015, would create a world that is comprehensively sustainable, says the UN, which they define as socially fair, environmentally secure, inclusive, economically prosperous, and more predictable. The […]