Business Recoded:

Advanced Leadership Program


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Start date: 17.3.2021


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Advanced Leadership Program: Business Recoded

Advanced Leadership Program is a world-class program for managers, leaders and anyone interested in improving their business. It is run by our academy director Peter Fisk, who is one of the leading business thinkers and professors in the world. Together with other leading business professors and CEOs he brings you all the new ideas, inspiration, and knowledge on business, strategy, and leadership to you. Ideas, inspiration, and knowledge that puts you and your company ahead of the competition and inspires you to move forward from your current position.

You get the best new theories and ideas that are not yet accessible in one place in any other business school in the world. You’ll get the newest tools to improve your business. 

Every participant will receive a diploma and a signed book Business Recoded from Peter Fisk.


Advanced Leadership Program:

Business Recoded


“Business Recoded” is for everybody who seek to progress in today’s rapidly changing world, and to create the organisations that will thrive in tomorrow’s world.

It explores how to lead a better future, to reimagine your business, to reinvent markets, to energise your people. It describes how to combine profit with more purpose, intelligent technologies with creative people, radical innovation with sustainable impact.

It learns from the innovative strategies of incredible companies – Alibaba and Amazon, Babylon and BlackRock, Meituan Dianping and Microsoft, Narayana Health and Netflix, Patagonia and PingAn, Spotify and Supercell, and many more.

The program is built on 7 seismic shifts driving a more enlightened future of business, unlocking 49 codes that collectively define a new DNA for organisations and their leadership. You get it all (and more) in only 5 lectures with Peter Fisk at this executive education.

The program

Dates and times:

17. March 9.00-13.30 CET

24. March 9.00-13.30 CET

28. April 9.00-13.30 CET

5. May 9.00-13.30 CET

12. May 9.00-13.30 CET

What do you get?

5 Modules

The program consists of 5 lessons focused on: future, growth, innovation, organization and leadership.


Each lesson consists of a self-study and a half-day webinar with Peter Fisk. There will be a small project, which you can use in your business.

Online materials and meetings

All materials and education are online and you will receive Peter Fisk’s new book “Business Recoded” by mail. Therefore, you can study when it suits your schedule.

World-class professor

Peter Fisk is a world-class professor and best-selling author.

Get a diploma

At the end of the program, you will receive a diploma from the European Business Academy.


Duration of the program is 6 weeks.

What business tools do you get?

✓ How to drive and implement change.

✓ Vision and leadership narratives: turning ideas into a coherent story.

✓ The growth compass: navigating the 12 types of growth.

✓ Future-back horizon planning: future-proofing your strategy.

✓ Customer agendas: a bigger framework for understanding customer´s meta-needs.

✓ Positive impact scorecard: new ways to measure business success.

✓ Human-centered design: identifying the right problem, focusing on richer insights, finding better solutions.

✓ Start-up to scale-up: a faster, more experimental approach to innovation.

✓ Business model canvas: reinventing how your whole business works.

✓ Innovation portfolios: developing a strategic approach to sustaining growth today and tomorrow.

✓ Circularity: creating a business system that has a positive impact.

✓ Ecosystems: making partnerships work through assets and impacts.

✓ Legacy builder, aligning your personal and business goals.

✓ Leaders compass, being the person you want to become.