Advanced Leadership Program: Business Recoded

Price: 89.000 DKK + moms / 11.970 EUR + VAT

The ALP is for business leaders who typically have at least 10-20 years’ experience in business and have reached a senior position. You may already have an MBA, but this program is about exploring what is new and next in business – the latest ideas from business schools around the world, and how the best companies win.

We explore the innovative strategies of new market leaders, from Alibaba to Allbirds, Zalando to Zoom. We make sense of emerging technologies, like AI and Blockchain and how they transform markets, and how economic shifts and new sustainable agendas are revolutionising business priorities.

We bring together the best new theories and approaches from global thought leaders, academics and businesses, for you to connect and apply. It some ways you are the explorers, in the jungle of 21st century business, where corporates and entrepreneurs compete for the future. How will you win? The program is based on 5 modules over 5 months, including sessions in Copenhagen and Lake Maggiore, Italy, in partnership with leading business schools.

Every participant will receive a diploma and a signed book Business Recoded from Peter Fisk.

Recode 1: Future Recoded

Exploring futures of complex and relentless change. Developing a growth mindset, defining an inspiring purpose, exploring megatrends and articulating your future story. Inspired by Anne Wojcicki transforming healthcare at 23andMe, Larry Fink driving purpose with BlackRock, and Masayoshi Son, investing in the future technologies.


Recode 2: Growth Recoded

Finding new ways to accelerate business and social progress. Competing in a new market matrix, understanding new customers, connecting people and tech, driving exponential growth. Inspired by Jessica Tan transforming insurance at PingAn, Pat Brown on a sustainable mission to reinvent food, Emily Weiss and the future of beauty.


Recode 3: Innovation Recoded 

Solving human problems with more creative insight and ingenuity. Finding new ideas, driving human-centred design, redefining business models and portfolios, pivoting and accelerating change. Inspired by James Watt at the irreverent Brewdog, Katrina Lake and digital data-driven fashion, and Devi Shetty, in developing markets.


Recode 4: Work Recoded 

Working together in smarter, faster organisations. Engaging people in extreme teams, embracing diversity and inclusion, building collaboration and trust, ecosystems and agility. Inspired by Reed Hastings without rules at Netflix, Zhang Ruimin transformed homes with Haier, and Piyush Gupta, reinventing the future of banks.


Recode 5: Leadership Recoded 

Amplifying the potential of your people and business. Having the courage to create a better future, finding your style, your flow, building resilience and emotional agility, leaving a better legacy. Inspired by Microsoft’s Satya Nadella, Daniel Ek disrupting himself to lead Spotify, and Ilkka Pannanen of Supercell, the world’s least powerful CEO.

What do you get?

5 Modules

The program consists of 5 lessons focused on: future, growth, innovation, organization and leadership.


Each lesson consists of a self-study and a half-day webinar with Peter Fisk. There will be a small project, which you can use in your business.

Online materials and meetings

All materials and education are online and you will receive Peter Fisk’s new book “Business Recoded” by mail. Therefore, you can study when it suits your schedule.

World-class professor

Peter Fisk is a world-class professor and best-selling author.

Get a diploma

At the end of the program, you will receive a diploma from the European Business Academy.


Duration of the program is 6 weeks.

ALP is no ordinary program

It will challenge your thinking, and inspire your future. It is stretching, to make sense of an incredible, changing world, where opportunities are everywhere, if you know where and how to look. This is a program for people who want to transform themselves and their business.

The program is led by our Academic Director Peter Fisk, and brings together some of the most interesting thought leaders as guest faculty. Assessment is based equally on workshop participation and a project challenge, and leads to the awarding of a Global Diploma in Advanced Leadership.

The ALP program can also be delivered in a customised format for leadership teams within companies, with specific focus on your future business priorities.

Business Recoded

“Business Recoded” is for everybody who seek to progress in today’s rapidly changing world, and to create the organisations that will thrive in tomorrow’s world.

It explores how to lead a better future, to reimagine your business, to reinvent markets, to energise your people. It describes how to combine profit with more purpose, intelligent technologies with creative people, radical innovation with sustainable impact. It learns from the innovative strategies of incredible companies – Alibaba and Amazon, Babylon and BlackRock, Meituan Dianping and Microsoft, Narayana Health and Netflix, Patagonia and PingAn, Spotify and Supercell, and many more.

The program is built on 7 seismic shifts driving a more enlightened future of business, unlocking 49 codes that collectively define a new DNA for organisations and their leadership. You get it all (and more) in only 5 lectures with Peter Fisk at this executive education.

Questions about the ALP?

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