World-class Accelerated MBA Program at European Business Academy

Price: 42.000 DKK + moms / 5645 EUR + VAT


The aMBA is for business people who are big on ideas, but short on time. How can you raise your game, to build your portfolio of skills and tools, and to demonstrate your international professionalism in business?

Join us for this fresh, innovative MBA, specifically designed for business people seeking to embrace the best ideas in business. From strategic planning to design thinking, business models and brand storytelling, managing projects and leading people, this program brings together what you need to thrive in business today.

You will cover 7 modules over 7 months, combining independent and group work, ending with a MBA project.


7 modules

The program consists of 7 modules with a focus on: Leadership, Innovation, Strategy, etc.
Read more in the program description.

1 month per module

Each module consists of 1 month of online education, tutoring and 1 full day of classes.

Online materials

All materials are available online or sent to you by post. Therefore, you can study whenever it fits your schedule.

World leading professors

We work together with some of the best Business schools in the world; IMD and IE Business School, along with some of the leading professors in the field. 

Receive diploma

 At the end, you will receive a diploma from European Business Academy.


The duration is 7 months.


  1. Teaching materials
  2. Online consulting
  3. Six full-day educational classes
  4. Access to our business network
  5. Free VIP Ticket for European Business Forum 2022
  6. Diploma

Overview of Accelerated MBA Program

Accelerator 1: Leadership and management
What does it take to manage business effectively in a changing world? How do you lead yourself and others? Why and when will other people want to follow you?


Accelerator 2: Creating and sustaining value
How do you create and capture more value with customers, understand their changing priorities and perceptions? How do you achieve this profitably, and sustainably?


Accelerator 3: Strategy and customers
Where are you going, and how will you get there? Developing customer propositions, engaging through channels and media, to build trust, engagement and retention.


Accelerator 4: Innovation and design 
How to develop new ideas, and turn them into practical concepts? Business models and customers experiences, using design thinking and lean development.


Accelerator 5: Organisation and change 
What makes organisations work, from people and processes, to metrics and rewards? How do you build better teams, and drive change and improvements?


Accelerator 6: Communication and storytelling
How do you engage your audiences more effectively? How can you present ideas in more compelling, interesting ways, using the power of vision and stories? 


Accelerator 7: Projects and implementation 
How do you drive and implement projects faster and more effectively? Not only this, but you will develop and deliver your own project as part of the program.

Questions about the aMBA?

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