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  World-class Accelerated MBA Program at European Business Academy

Price: 24.900 DKK ex. VAT

Accelerated MBA program provides a unique opportunity to learn important career knowledge. We bring experts from the best business schools, such as IMD, Harvards business School, or IE Business school to share the latest knowledge and experiences within businesses.  We have a strong networks of excelent cooperations with profesors from the best business school. You will have different profesor for each module. Therefore, our Accelerated MBA is a blend of the best knowledge of profesors from top business schools.

Compared with traditional MBA, which takes usually 2 years and more, Accelerated MBA provides the education in 6 modules, in a total duration of a half year of intensive work. All materials will be available online or sent to you by post, therefore you can study each session whenever it fits your schedule. MBA program will be finished by a short MBA project, which will be supervised by our experts and submitted at the end of Module 6.


6 modules

The program consists of 6 modules with a focus on: Leadership, innovation, strategy, etc. You can read more at the program description.

1 month per module

Each module consists of 1 month of online education, tutoring and a full day of classes.

Online materials

All materials are available online or sent to you by post. Therefore, you can study whenever it fits your schedule.

World-class professors

We work together with some of the best universities at the world, for example with IMD, Harvard Business School or IE Business School.

Receive diploma

 At the end, you will receive a diploma from European Business Academy.


The duration is 6 months.

Price 24.900 dkk includes:

1. Teaching materials

2. Online consulting

3. 6 full-day educational classes

4. Access to your business network

5. Free VIP Ticket for European Business Forum 2021

6. Diploma

Overview of Accelerated MBA Program


Module 1: Innovation

The first module is focused on Innovation. It covers main pronciples in innovation in multiple educational topics, such as Introduction to innovation, Innovation Pipeline, Desing Thinking and Discruption. You will receive study materials and educational videoes directly from world-known innovation authors, such as Michael E. Porter or Johanna Mair.

Module 2: Strategy

The second educational module is focused on strategy and its successful implementation. It will cover different strategy topics, such as Strategy Management Process, Strategic Plan, Strategy Tools, or Strategy Analysis. Materials cover text and videos from the top-leading authors in strategy, such as Simon Simek or W. Chan Kim.

Module 3: Business Models

Module 3 builds on knowledge about Strategy and provides an in-deep tools, how to handle both day-to-day business activities and long-term plans.  You will learn about different business models, including world-known The Business Model Canvas developed by Alex Osterwalder and Yves Pigneur or Blue Ocean Strategy developed by Rene Mauborgne and Chan Kim from INSEAD.

Module 4: Leadership

Good leadership is a crucial part of the organization. In Module 4, students will learn how to approach effective leadership from the Thinkers50 ranked author Dave Ulrich and his book The Leadership Code. Moreover, the module will focus on the leadership during the current global changes regarding innovation, digitalization, and economy transition.

Module 5: Management

Fifth module brings the best theories about management from world-leading global thinkers. It develops a deep understanding of basic theories about how to be a good manager with the best innovative ideas. Part of the module is also focused on time management and efficiency tools supported by theories of Stephen Cover, author of 7 Habits of Highly Effective People.

Module 6: Marketing and Sales

The last module provides an overview of the best theories and practices in the field of Marketing and Sales. We believe that focus on Marketing and Sales is crucial for every successful manager and is sometimes missing in traditional MBA programs.

MBA project:

Accelerated MBA project consists of a written assignment, which is supervised by our expert and tailored for the needs of your company. Project will be assigned from Module 2 and delivered at the end of Module 6. Project should consist of 12-15 pages assignment and together with a feedback from our experts can make a real and instant change to your business.