About us

Who are European Business Academy?

A platform for Europe’s business leaders to create a better world.

European Business Academy is a provider of international management educations, forum events and network. Based in Denmark, we have a hard working organisation and a broad network of experts and professor, who all work to achieve the same goals: To deliver top education through traditional and new knowledge, and methods. We constantly thrive to improve and provide the best education programs for our customers. 

We work with two of Europe’s leading business schools, IE Business School in Madrid and IMD in Switzerland. In collaboration with our international recognized educational partners, we are ready to welcome you and give you a fantastic opportunity and experience – professionally as well as personally.

Our programs are designed for business leaders of today and tomorrow, inspiring current executives and managers, and developing new talents. We offer a range of educations for executives, managers at different levels and board members. We combine the best of existing and future approaches, where we continuously compile and update the content of the programs in relation to the current challenges business leaders and board members faces. Our focus is helping you become a better version of yourself as a leader and to create a better business, with the focus on creating a better world.

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Business for a Better World.

The world, our planet, requires change.

The world is changing. Capital and economics of scale is no longer a sustainable advantage. We need to start thinking differently. The requirements a leader needs in the world of today is constantly changing, developing and evolving.

You should choose a program from European Business Academy because we care about the world, and we care about you being the best leader you can be. At European Business Academy we thrive to give you the best new knowledge, methods and tools, to be the leader of change and a leader who can make a difference in the world.

With the right idea, business model, strategy and leadership, your company can thrive and become a great success in the future.

“We will see more change in the next 10 years, than the last 250 years. Now is the time for leaders to step up and have the courage to create a better future.”
– Peter Fisk, Academic Director of European Business Academy & Professor at IE.

Meet the organisation

Peter Fisk
Co-founder and Academic Director of European Business Academy and Forum, and Professor at IE Business School.
Bjarke Wolmar
Co-founder & CEO of European Business Academy & Forum.
Katja Knudsen
Project Manager 
Tobias Petersen
Brand Manager