About us

European Business Forum is a platform for business leaders to connect, learn, and create a better world. We help leaders to drive change, built on fresh ideas, different strategies, and inspiring insights from the best companies and thinkers around the world.

We create and organize business conferences, educational courses, and offer consulting services. Our belief is that European companies should always have access to the best executive learning in the world – delivered in a combination of physical and online.

Mission and vision

Our mission is to provide ideas, inspiration, and knowledge to European business leaders from the leading business schools, thinkers, and CEOs. We bring together the best education and knowledge from the world’s leading thinkers, in a way that can be practically applied to business.

Our vision is that thanks to our work and support, European companies will be leading in their field and provide sustainable growth and prosperity to Europe and the rest of the world.

Business and contact details

CVR number:          41283947
Email:                       bw@europeanbusinessforum.eu
Phone number:    +45 29 44 86 16
Address:                  Udsigten 20, DK-6640 Lunderskov


EBF makes every effort to conform with all laws and ethical standards in terms of content shared on this website and in its broader activities, including all materials used by and comments made by any representatives or partners.

Our team

Bjarke Wolmar

Co-founder and CEO
European Business Forum

Tomas Dosek

Project Manager

Peter Fisk

Co-founder and Academic director
European Business Forum